How SeaWorld, of All Brands, Made the Most-Liked Ad of the Third Quarter

How SeaWorld, of All Brands, Made the Most-Liked Ad of the Third Quarter:

So SeaWorld released this ad and apparently media loves it.

As a biologist and conservationist, do I love it?

The short answer is no. Not to say it’s not a well-done ad, which is painting the COMPANY in a more wholesome light, that by going to Marine land you help them donate millions of dollars to ocean conservation and rescue projects. But the images that capture the audience (us, the viewers) the most are those of the wild, free and roaming creatures. Then we get an image of a dolphin jumping in the background of a family taking a photo and that wholesome image is ruined. For me anyway.

I believe if Seaworld wishes to survive as a business, which is what it is at its core- NOT an organization (although it does have one), trying to justify its animals in captivity by saying it will donate SOME of the profit to conservation and rescue efforts is NOT enough. 

I believe they could have animals for the sake of rehabilitation on display for people to visit, and of course roller coasters. But any healthy animal cannot remain captive in its facilities. It will never be acceptable, justifiable, or ethical. And when they show an image of dolphins jumping for photos, has anything really changed?