The activists are wrong: Aquariums support conservation

The activists are wrong: Aquariums support conservation:

I saw this article with the perspective of supporting aquariums.

While I tend to not support such things like SeaWorld, I can respect some of the writer’s points. Mostly that,

We protect what we love; we love what we know, and we know what we are taught.

There is plenty of media that can induce a love for wildlife, such as Blue Planet, but nothing is quite the same as seeing something for yourself. Aquariums can offer that to a greater population than those who can afford to travel the world and visit the natural habitats of those creatures. That also brings another point of increased tourism having a negative effect on a species and its environment. 

I feel that Aquariums can be positive when it is treated more of a rehabilitation for animals and/or a sanctuary- and this should only apply to species with a small migratory range or a larger animal with such a handicap it cannot survive in the wild. This of course coupled with strict animal rights laws to ensure their proper care. I think when a child goes into a marine sanctuary and see a dolphin that was maybe sick or injured, and now it’s getting stronger to be released back into its home, it inspires them to help or make a change, not a show of them performing tricks.

I cannot agree with the point they make that the species will be safer in an aquarium, because of things like overfishing or plastic pollution. These problems we can’t ignore by putting our favourite animals in a glass bubble. We need to protect those environments, especially as there are species which will never survive in a captive environment.

It is a tough discussion, that is for sure.

What do you think?