Viral Post

I am happy to see that one of the news articles I posted is getting quite a lot of notes! It means the news is spreading about that particular issue, and awareness is key to initiating change.

Even though the loss of species in Fiji post has been met with a lot of criticism for being fake (although no one has ever argued an post form me before) as long as they share it, the news is spreading, so thank you (even though you probably aren’t even from my followers anyway).

The thing about that post is that I added my personal account from my time living on a remote island in Fiji off of Kadavu. Much time spent talking with the locals and spending plenty of my days drinking Kava with the Chief and elders of the village. If you want to argue climate change isn’t happening at an accelerated rate affecting these local communities, then go spend time with them yourself and then we can talk/argue about it. Until then, your typed messages behind a screen mean nothing. 

And I am not arguing that climate change wouldn’t happen without humans. It would, and there is geological proof of that, but over the span of thousands-hundreds of thousands of years, not at the rate we are seeing today. 

Thanks for listening and sharing. And to my true followers, never stop being awesome and working to help our oceans!

– Meg