Well you just lost your scientific credibility. SW plays a huge part in rescue, rehabilitation, and research. While facilities are not perfect, the animals are there now and that’s where they have to stay. Without visitors to the parks, there is not money for care, rescue, rehabilitation and there aren’t animals to research without disrupting fragile natural populations.

I don’t know who you are “anonymous” person to judge me on my credibility. I never said SeaWorld doesn’t support rescue, rehabilitation, and research. I said

I believe if Seaworld wishes to survive as a business, which is what it is at its core- NOT an organization (although it does have one), trying to justify its animals in captivity by saying it will donate SOME of the profit to conservation and rescue efforts is NOT enough.

I believe they could have animals for the sake of rehabilitation on display for people to visit, and of course roller coasters.

AKA keeping healthy animals captive and having them perform for visitors is not helpful when they can allow visitors without the need for healthy animals to perform.

Any research that would “disrupt fragile natural population” sounds invasive and unnecessary to me. What kind of research are you talking about? Most research involving wild populations, which is of most concern because these are the populations that need to be protected, and having an animal in captivity is not representative of the stress and factors affecting the health and livelihood of wild populations, would be observational with tagging. Not very disruptive at all.

I think SeaWorld can do things better- but this ad is not trying to change what they do for the better, its just trying to justify what they have done and continue to do.

If you want to support SeaWorld fine. I do not support this new “image” change, and really an anonymous internet person saying I’ve lost credibility for them really means nothing to me.

Thanks for your opinion.

– Meg