Why would you post links to websites /stealing/ the Blue Planet 2 documentary? They can’t keep making things like this if they don’t receive any money. Every view should be given to the creators for the hard work

You know I did battle with this thought, and honestly for me I am still going to buy the full series when it comes out.

You could wait patiently for the dvd, but the episodes are airing on BBC every Sunday. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world has access to this channel.

I have only and will only post the first episode to show what this series really has to show and hook you onto it. Some people really need to see what its like to want more.

I understand all the work that went into making this, but at the same time the information and knowledge gained by this footage is extremely important. A lot of grants get put into making documentaries like this, people will buy to forever have a copy, and educational materials should be accessible.

If you don’t think its right, you definitely shouldn’t reblog for more people to see and access the link.